Quotations and Dialog

January 31, 2017

OK Indie Writers, I wanted to pass along something I learned today.  Being new to the writing game, and having several years since I have taken an English class, I have had to re-learn some of those fun grammar rules.  I figured, if I wasn't sure there had to be some other new writers out there that were wondering the same thing.  My first grammar question that I had to research was: 


How do you handle quotations for dialog that goes beyond one paragraph?


I'm sure many of you reading this are thinking, seriously you didn't know this???


 Well, I didn't. I'm an accountant by trade remember.  Grammar and spelling are definitely not my strong suites. 


So, for all of you out there like me who did not know the answer, here it is:


Start every paragraph with quotation marks and leave the end of the paragraph open with no quotations until the person speaking has completed their dialog.  Example (from my upcoming book of course):


“The Demi-Gods past down their abilities to their children and leagues of our society were created.”  Elliana's mother started. “The Keepers are the warriors.  Though they normally come from descendants of high Gods like Zeus and Athena any Demi who wants to serve can.  The council was created to help with the oversight of any threats to earth.  I am, or was, on the council.  My family comes from descendants of Zeus and Athena, which make us perfect candidates to become Keepers.


“The Sages are our healers and have lineage to Apollo.  They can help the sick and wounded and heal much faster themselves. Then there are the Trainers.  They have talents with animals, plants and sea creatures.  


"Most of these Demies get a long but the descendants of Hades, who are the Druids, haven’t always seen eye to eye with everyone else.  They do whatever Hades bid them to do.  They are very strong and are very difficult to kill."


I Hope for at least someone out there, this was helpful.  What grammar questions have come up while you have been writing?  Post in the comments and we can explore more knowledge of grammar in a later post. 

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