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February 15, 2017

I am always up for new information on my road to my first novel.  Today I came across a bit of advice from Indies Unlimited, a great blog that always has good information .  It was to create a story Bible.  What a great idea.  As you go further into your book you find it harder and hard to remember details of smaller characters or last names so putting a story Bible together is genius. 

You write down the following (and more if you want):

Characters:  full descriptions right down to their scars and what major events they were in in the past or present. 

Places: Again, full description.  Especially if it is visited frequently.  Is this a real place? you may want to do research on the appearance in case a reader has actually been there. 

In the Article on Indies Unlimited by RJ Crayton she gives a great example of why you want this.  If you characters are in a coffee shop a lot you don't want there to be a 2nd floor in a later chapter when the initial description was of a single story building. 

Any Made up things:  Are there imaginary acronyms that were created or technological objects or pieces.  In the article it states this may help with liable or legal entanglements though I would think a good legal statement on the copywrite page of your book should take care of all of this (I am not a lawyer so please don't take that as absolute fact).  


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