Character Profile - Amelia Markarios

March 3, 2017

Amelia Markarios is Elliana's Biological mother.  She grew up to be a keeper and even serve on the Council.  Due to an internal war that was going on amongst the Demies, when finding out she was pregnant, fled in order to protect her daughter (or so she says).  


Amelia choices have affected Elliana in more ways than just not knowing who she really is.  Though she has been able to stay hidden for 18 years all of the consequences of her choices come to a head when Elliana is discovered

Here is the rundown of Amelia


Demigod of

       Zeus, god of the sky, and Athena,  Goddess of WAr, 

      Strategy, and Wisdom  



      Daughter: Elliana Makarios

      Other Family in future books....maybe....  

Physical Traits:  

      Tall, about 5' 10',  Long Brown hair usually in a braid

      or pony tail, bright blue eyes, Strong build (definitely a



     40 years old


     Manipulation of the Sky (rain, lightning, snow).  Skilled

     at strategy, can think logically, gifted with ability to

     communicate with loved ones through their dreams


    Once one the Council of Keepers but is a fugitive for  


Grew up:

     New York, NY. 

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