Character Profile - Arabella Mordova

March 23, 2017



Arabella is Maris's twin sister.  Even though their mother is the head of the Pittsburgh district, Arabella is willing to break the rules to help her brother.  She has the ability to feel and manipulate peoples emotions and uses this ability to help Elliana in situations when keeping your emotions in check could be life or death.  

She works as a keeper alongside her brother and shares in his talent to manipulate water.  That combined with her emotional talents, makes her a woman to be reckoned with.


Here is the rundown of Arabella 


Demigod of: 

       Poseidon, god of sea, and Aeolus, keeper of the                      winds.  We may find out that she is also a                                descendant of another famous god or goddess                      (you will have to read the series to find out).  



      Mother: Genevieve Mordova head of the Pittsburgh               district of demigods

      Father: Aiden mordova Deceased (as far as we know)

      brother: Maris mordova also Her twin.  (maris calls her



Physical Traits:  

      Tall, blond hair, blueish grey eyes



     20 years old



     Water and emotional manipulation 





Grew up:

     Near Seattle, Washington moved to Pittsburgh at age 10

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