Creating a Book Trailer - For FREE!

March 14, 2018

So, there’s this new thing going around the book world called a book trailer.  They say it can boost your sales and gain you networking base. The problem I have as a self-published, self-funded author is that all of these cool new things cost money.  To a big business a few hundred dollars is nothing, but for a mom of a feisty two year old whose daycare cost more than my mortgage, every penny counts.


What is an author to do?  Make one yourself! And that is what I did.  


First of all, when I watched a few of the trailers on the adds from those wanting to buy it I thought it looked like a dressed up powerpoint presentation.  So, that’s where I started.


Microsoft PowerPoint usually comes standard with the Microsoft Office software, but I’m sure there are other similar products you could apply the same logic to. If you have never used powerpoint, search on Youtube for tutorials, you will be flying through it in no time.


I picked a background I thought went well with the cover of my book, added the picture of my book and a eye catching phrase from the content.   There was just one problem…..No sound! How can you catch someone’s attention scrolling through facebook with no sound?


Have no fear!  You can embed music and sound into your powerpoint.


Here are step by step instructions on how to do that.


I googled for some free MP3 files and landed on one I though captured the essence of the book.


Here is how it came out.  I'm sure I will get better as I create more of these. 









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