***Author Spotlight H.M. Golden***

April 25, 2018

H. M. Gooden has been scribbling on everything since she first learned how to hold a pencil. While often told that her handwriting was atrocious, she persisted, and upon discovering computers and learning how to type, she realized that she was no longer limited by her (admittedly) messy writing.


Unfortunately, life and work and family have conspired to make it only possible to write in the wee hours or at coffee shops, so most of her love of reading and writing are indulged at times when only vampires and insomniacs abound.


Beginning in October of 2017, her love of writing and the characters in the world she has created burst into public view in her first book, Dream of Darkness, which follows the adventures of a group of girls fighting evil with abilities that H. M. Gooden would love to have. As a result, 4 am has become even busier trying to find out what will happen to her paranormal buddies in the future, and book five is in the works. 


Here are some fun things about H.M. Golden:


Do you have another job other than being a writer?


Yes, that’s the one that pays the bills and inspires the stories ;)


Did you ever think you would be unable to finish your first novel/novella/short story?


No, I never did. I needed to see how it ended!


What inspired you to write?


I’ve always loved writing. My first story was published at age 6 in the local newspaper. I took a 30 year hiatus and now I’m back again!


What has been your most successful avenue to get reviews on Amazon?


Mostly asking friends and other writers to read and review. Also be used hidden gems, but they aren’t big for my genre


 Please checkout H.M. Golden's Book Dream of Darkness (The Rise of the Light)


Tired of moving yet again, Cat McLean finds herself in the town of Valleyview when her dad is transferred to a new job. Along with her older sister Vanessa, she must find a way to fit into another new school for what feels like the millionth time. And if that wasn't enough to deal with, shortly after their move, Cat and Vanessa are involved in a near-fatal car accident.


Waking to find that she has the ability to see auras and to heal others, Cat is horrified to also discover an ancient evil that means to destroy her new home. Cat must join forces with her sister and a new friend to defeat it, or die in the attempt. Will she learn how to harness her new powers before the darkness comes for them? Or will she succumb to the darkness she fears?


What is your next/latest project?


Currently finishing edits for book 4 in the series and starting book 6 for camp nanowrimo in April.



If you would like to follow H.M. Golden and her work you can follow her at the links below:






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