***Author Spotlight James Peters***

April 5, 2018

Say hello to James Peters!  He fell in love with Science Fiction at a young age, becoming hooked on the works of Asimov, Anderson, and Pohl (among many others), as well as the mixed bag of anything labeled Science Fiction on television or at the movies while growing up. While in grade school, he was given an assignment to write a journal about anything he wanted. He quickly filled the pages with a Buck Roger’s type adventure of robots, spaceships, and pew-pewing lasers, discovering his inner passion to write.

He writes with a gritty blend of character-driven action, wry humor, and social commentary that transports the reader through wild worlds of speculative fiction and fantasy. He’s known to cross the borders of different genres into new territory, along with an occasional ‘wink and nod’ to pop culture and other authors, then shock the reader with an unexpected turn of events.

Sit back, open your mind and enjoy the ride. Your adventure awaits.


Here are some fun things about James:


Do you have another job other than being a writer?


On top of Writing, James is also a Small Business Owner.


What inspired you to write?


I have to write. I have stories in my head that haunt me until I get them fully fleshed out and told in the best way I possibly can.


Did you ever think you would be unable to finish your first novel/novella/short story?


Completing the first novel was probably the most difficult. As a writer, you work primarily alone, creating a massive piece of entertainment. During that time, you have very little to no feedback as to "is this any good?" so you may start doubting yourself.



Please checkout James's book Black Swan Planet


Raka Varoule is a second-rate investigative reporter, traveling between the twenty-seven worlds of the Galactic Empire exposing minor scandals. His big break comes when he weasels his way onto the Emperor’s personal star-cruiser to report live, across the galaxy, how the Emperor is celebrating his birthday. When he exposes the biggest scandal in galactic history, he narrowly escapes with the help of a drug runner, a dominatrix, and a monkey wearing ass-less chaps. Together, they search for an escape from the Empire; a barbarian world outside Imperial control. Then things get weird. Black Swan Planet is a rare treat of a novel. A satirical science-fiction story told in a unique way, utilizing a variety of perspectives. This story will make you both laugh out loud and keep you guessing what will happen next. 


What is your next/latest project?


Currently, I'm working on Black Swan Antithesis, book 2 in the Black Swan Planet Trilogy. I'm also developing my next series, which will be an epic space opera series 


Any Advise to other Authors on Amazon review success?


I did a paperback giveaway on Goodreads, sending autographed copies out, asking for honest reviews on both Goodreads and Amazon. That seemed to help


If you would like to follow James and his work you can find him on Amazon, Goodreads, or Facebook.  Check out the links below:



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