***Author Spotlight Bianca Pendleton***

April 24, 2018

Bianca Pendleton is an inspiring 10-years-old.  She lives in Hinesville Georgia with her family.  She is currently in the  5th grade at Taylors Creek Elementary School.


Bianca believes in giving back so she loves to volunteer with her mom, brother and friends.  She also likes spending time with her family especially her brother and her aunt net, net.

She has been telling stories since she was 7 years old.


Waking up on Saturday mornings, she would draw her ideas then would ask her mom to type while she told her the story behind the pictures.  Bianca loves reading, writing and drawing because they help her relax. Her favorite animal is a cat, her favorite color is purple and her favorite food is bacon.  When she is not busy reading, writing or drawing, She loves to dance around the house and play dress up.


Here are some fun things about Bianca:


Do you have another job other than being a writer?

I am 10 yrs old. My second job is to be a kid and get the best out of my educational journey.


Did you ever think you would be unable to finish your first novel/novella/short story?


I don't have a problem in finishing a novel. I usually spend a week on the idea, think it out and then write it out.


What inspired you to write?


What inspired me to become an author was one day, the mail man delivered the mail to my house and it inspired me to write a book about delivery girls.


What has been your most successful avenue to get reviews on Amazon?


For each sale, we ask our customers that to leave a review when they read the book.




Please checkout Bianca's Book The Delivery Girls: The Job Application


Mercury, Saturn, and Neptune don’t know they are about to become the best of friends. It all begins in the town of Peteyville, where the three girls all apply for the same job at the post office—and all three girls are hired. 

The girls are all given a chance to prove themselves, even though the postmaster only needs one person for the task. It is here where the girls realize they are connected in more ways than one, and thanks to the mayor, the girls find out they’re related. Hmmm…they are all named after planets!
Given the job as a team, the girls will go on to encounter many situations that require their help, and Mercury, Saturn, and Neptune will find out just how strong they all are after surviving everything they’ve been through.


What is your next/latest project?


My next project is book three of the series. It is written up, just needs some minor editing work. Actually the series of 10 books is written but my mom don't have the money to publish all at once.

If you would like to follow Bianca and her work you can follow her at the links below:


Instagram- Biancapendleton


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