***Author Spotlight Shawntrell Davis***

April 27, 2018

orn and Raised in Oklahoma City in a family of 14, Shawntrell has always been a natural at writing poetry, though she had no idea just how big of a Gift she had been given from above.   Through many trials, homelessness, domestic violence and various other hurdles over which, she is a Conqueror!


This once coy and quiet woman, was embolden by the Word of God and Powerful Spiritual Experiences.   After receiving angelic visitations and Spiritual Baptism, this gift of Writing came to the forefront with great force.   So much so, that in the middle of writing as paragraph in her first book, she stopped wrote two songs in their entirety and proceeded in the finishing of her book

Shawntrell was informed that she  is a ReadyWriter; according to the Bible Psalms 45:1  Thus the name GracedReadyWriter sprang forth.  Gifted to Write, Books, Songs, Poems, Messages, Scripts and anything else the Heavenly Father sees fit.


Shawntrell is Happily married and now lives in Goodlettsville, TN Writing and Ministering full-time


Here are some fun things about Shawntrell:


Do you have another job other than being a writer?


I am a Minister and My Husband and I Run a Media, Television Production company. We do Cinematic Films, Radio, Television Production, Script Writing, Voice Over and Much more



Did you ever think you would be unable to finish your first novel/novella/short story?


No doubt.. I didn't believe I would ever Start a book, and I definitely, never thought I would finish one, beginning with only a 7th grade education.. fighting and testing out of School and entering college as a Paralegal.. graduating with honors and Now having written 3.. It has definitely stirred up in me a the mindset of a Conqueror.. I can do anything in Christ!

What inspired you to write?


I can honestly say Writing was always in me.. I just never Knew I would be one.. and I was called in a Vary Miraculous way into Write..It is a Gift from God


What has been your most successful avenue to get reviews on Amazon?


Consistent Postings.. Rather on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or even doing giveaways when people give reviews.. enter them into a drawing 


Please checkout Shawntrell's Book Woman Submit, Under Man's Mission Not Under His Foot


WOMAN SUBMIT! UNDER MAN’S MISSION, NOT UNDER HIS FOOT INSPIRATION AND STRENGTH FROM THE LORD: This book is inspired and placed in my heart by my heavenly Father, it was revealed to me that I would write this book while I was in the midst of a severely abusive marriage. Marital rape is never ok. The things that I suffered may be unimaginable to most, but I know that there are women suffering it daily, being robbed of the joy, self-esteem, self -love, confidence, their right to smile, their right to be safe and at peace in their own home, and in the most severe cases robbed of their life. Take heed you so-called Men-of- God. Who abuse, abase, and neglect your wives, you will stand before God, even your prayers shall become an abomination, because you have dealt treacherously with the wives of your youth This book will be about my own experience, my testimony to the Love and strength of God. Also it will lay out encouraging as well as corrective life examples, spiritual poetry, and scriptural references that back all that is written. It has been placed in my heart to help women better understand what it means to be a Godly wife, that being a Godly women has nothing to do with being an unwise doormat Punching Bag, or Rape matt! This book also, has testimony on my miraculous spiritual gift, of speaking multiple languages, yet to be distinguished. Through Christ I will encourage Strong Submissiveness. Through Christ I will help Women to understand what this means. I am not saying that women are or should consider themselves the Heads of the House if they are married, but no women of God should allow, anyone, not even her husband to quench the Holy spirit, to get her off course from What God has placed in her heart to do. Understand, that the Devil will use other Christians to keep you from Gods will; even well-meaning Christians. He will attack your emotions through abuse, or even neglect from your spouse. Women we must allow the Holy Spirit to completely saturate every fiber of our being(especially emotionally) so that we can be better lead by the Spirit, when we are under the spiritual attacks. We need to be willing and ready to sacrifice for the Glory of Christ, be it friends, family and even your husband if he chooses not to be led by Christ! As his Daughters, and Ministers of the Gospel, we must allow the Holy Spirit to have his way in our hearts so that we can Press forth with faith, love compassion, power and the boldness that is Christ! We are the Daughters of the Most High! We have work to do as well, and may God have mercy on any Man who attempts to hinder the work God is trying to do through his Daughters!


What is your next/latest project?


I have a 7 Book Series I am working on now.. it is creative Writing based upon the Truth of the Bible. Fictional stories based up on the Truth of the Word. I am Excited!


If you would like to follow Shawntrell and her work you can follow her at the links below:



Amazon Page: www.amazon.com/author/shawtrelldavis

YouTube Channel:

Google+ :google.com/+GracedReadyWriter

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