***Author Spotlight Jess Peters***

May 12, 2018

Jess Peters is an aircraft mechanic by trade and an author in her spare time. She is lucky her work shift allows her a fair amount of


She loves to read in her spare time. All the different books she has encountered have inspired her towards her own. Getting a glimpse in to everybodys different imaginations is a great thing and to be able to share yours with others has been a motivator for Jess to complete her debut book. 

Besides writing, reading and working, Jess loves spending time with her cats. There are 4 in the house, 2 being Her's and 2 her mother's. Since her boy Louis is a Persian, he is kept indoors, so she takes him out on walks when she can to the park or woods. In the UK, and especially where she lives in Southend, it's not very common to see a cat walking around on a lead, so he does get a fair amount of attention. Jess also enjoys the fresh air. It's amazing what new ideas for books can form when you have a clear mind out. 


Here are some fun things about Jess:


Do you have another job other than being a writer?


Aircraft mechanic.


Did you ever think you would be unable to finish your first novel/novella/short story?

Never had a doubt. I wanted to publish it so I did.

What inspired you to write?


I love to read and all the books I've read have inspired me to write my own


What has been your most successful avenue to get reviews on Amazon?


I had a free promotion run on amazon not long ago which had me give away a lot of copies. I'm currently waiting on the reviews on amazon and goodreads. Books only been out a few weeks so far.


 Please checkout Jess's Book The System


2045. The world was overpopulated. When the black death happened. Millions died. This time it's mutated and come back worse. The system seeks to save humanity. They pick the brightest minds to work in medical and science to help research a cure or vaccination. Daniel wants to contribute to society and help save humanity. To do so, he must pass the system.


A series of tough gruelling tests to give those who are seventeen a work quadrant. Medical and science is where you want to be. To research and create a cure. Rations and living conditions are better there. Getting there is another matter. On his quest in helping humanity's survival, will he discover that all is not as it seems. The system seeks to save. Is this the truth or are they hiding something and do they really want to save humanity.


What is your next/latest project?


I'm currently writing a novella prequel of my published book The System.


If you would like to follow Jess and her work you can follow her at the links below:





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